She Learned Why She Manifested A Cyst In Her Breast. Is It Similar To Your Story?

Having recently assisted a client with healing her left breast, I'm guided to remind you of how powerful you are.

I've been given permission to share my client's story - without stating her name. Ann (as I'll refer to her) noticed the change in her breast for sometime before deciding to look into what was going on - partially because she felt scared. She mustered the courage to get a diagnosis, and was told it was an infected cyst. With my assistance, the cyst, and the infection are no longer in her breast. Through our work together, she learned that she had been holding onto anger/rage, which manifested as the infected cyst in her breast.

As women, we can hold onto deeply upsetting emotions in our breasts, reproductive system, heart, and lungs - anywhere throughout the body really, but those areas are usually strongly spotlighted. The more you hold onto the upsetting energy, the stronger it grows, and can show itself as a physical health condition. This demonstrates how powerful you are - powerful enough to hold something so strongly, or powerful enough to heal/release the upset. It's your choice. Your body will let you know what you're holding onto. Listen, and respond. You also have the choice of listening to your body's wisdom before a physical condition manifests. Ann was aware that she was feeling and bottling rage, and chose to mask and fuel it. Had she chosen to address it, she probably would not have experienced the infected cyst.

I invite you to bravely examine/identify what upsetting energy you are holding, and choosing not to address. Is it anger/rage, sadness (which can show up in the lungs), fear...? See these emotions as an opportunity for you to bring your attention inward, and give ongoing love to an area of yourself that's hurting. The power to transform any pain in your life lies within you. ~N

p.s. To schedule personalized telephone sessions to address your breast health, please contact our office at this link. Brave women, here's more support for you to nourish and heal your breasts.

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