Children: Their Body. Their Choice.

If your child's rejecting the medicine you're giving them, it may be their body's wisdom expressing that's not the safest, or best medicine for them.

A progressive and conscious way of parenting is to allow your children to decide which medicine approach is best for their health and well-being.

Like all beings, your child's body has its own wisdom that knows exactly what it needs to be well and thrive.

You can ask your child: do you want homeopathy (or another natural medicine), the protocol from the pediatrician, or the recommendations from any other doctors?

After asking the question, wait for their response - verbal or non-verbal (for example, body movements). You can intuit how a yes or a no answer looks or feels, especially if you're asking a baby or non-speaking child.

You can also say before asking the question: show me how you convey a yes response and a no response.

Working in partnership with your child(ren) honors their right to participate in and choose what goes into/onto their body (including deciding if they choose a vaccination-free life), who makes decisions about their health and overall well-being, and the quality of life they want to live. ~N Over to you: In what ways does your child(ren) participate in the decision-making about their health and body?

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