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The idea that your everyday scented candles, household and Bath and Body Works products reflect true aromatherapy is a misconception.

Aromatherapy is the respected use of essential oils - not synthetic ingredients - to gently assist a positive turnaround or support healing of any condition of the body.

A 7,000+ year old medicine with its beginning roots in the Caribbean, aromatherapy entails using aromatic essential oils, also known as the lifeblood of nature's oldest inhabitants - flowers, plants, skin of fruits.

The oils are extracted through distillation and their therapeutic properties - anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant, sedative, and many others - are then used in a safe manner to assist your health concerns, and support everyday healthy living.

There are different ways to use essential oils: as a massage oil or cream, air spray, mouthwash, in a douche (to address reproductive system conditions)... A massage oil or cream is primarily offered to our clients. With a massage oil or cream, essential oils are combined with a carrier oil, such as olive or in a non-scented cream.

When applied on the body, the properties of the essential oils travel throughout the blood to the area(s) needing positive attention and healing. It's also safe for mommies and babies during childbirth. Learn more from our Q+A in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

(p.s. Reminder: any topical agent - perfume/cologne, body oil/cream, body spray, etc - that's applied to, or injected into your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, and has an effect on your health, so research and be conscious of the ingredients/products that you use).

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Flower Essence Therapy

Known throughout ancient China, India, and by the Australian native peoples, flower essences use in modern times was spotlighted by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician who sought to find a natural way to balance our physical and emotional health. He turned to nature for a cure and discovered the essences of flowers.  

Flower Essences (FEs) support us to gently shift from a limiting, fearful way of feeling to a freeing, peaceful way of being.  They're made by infusing flowers or other plant parts in spring water, and are used internally or topically to assist and empower you to go to the heart of the emotional pain. In this place of clarity, you can positively manage, and transform the stress while freeing up any blockages that may affect how you feel about yourself, others, and the world. 

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Herbal Therapy

When you prepare your meals, what herbs do you add? Rosemary? Basil? Thyme? Did you know this is Herbal Therapy? - the use of herbs or other living plant materials to assist in your body’s healing process. Yes, they also provide great flavorings to food while nourishing your health, and well-being.

Herbs innately possess certain qualities - antibacterial, antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant, and/or many others. They give your body the proper nutrients that's missing from your diet. These nutrients are then distributed throughout the body to support nourishing dis-ease and encouraging thriving health.

There are different ways of using herbal preparations: tinctures, infusions, salves, poultices, washes and gargles. Herbal tincture (alcohol-infused) and loose herbs are the herbal therapy options provided to our clients.

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Complex Homeopathy

Complex Homeopathy is actually quite simple.


Different from Classical Homeopathy, in which there's the use of medicinal pellets, Complex Homeopathy consists of a blending of tinctures, and liquids from nature's most ancient, botanical ingredients that hone in, and address your unique health needs.


With Classical, there are rules such as you can't eat when taking the remedies, no consumption of mints (peppermint, spearmint, etc), no drinking beverages... None of this applies with Complex, which makes it easier to use, and more convenient to your everyday life.


The remedies, or blends, address every area of your body's health - tissues, organs, cells, glands, systems (neurological, etc), emotional, mental... The liquids are ingested, and the positive turnaround in health is subtle, and powerful.

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Holistic Synergy Energy Work

Touch is one of our most ancient methods of healing.

When we hug someone, place a hand on a shoulder for comfort, massage, caress the skin - the intention and energy omitted, through the hands, have the power to soothe, and transform pain in the body. When you imagine touching or being touched by another, with kindness, there's potential for healing, even in the thought.

Created by Dr. Caroline L. Bayard, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Synergy Energy Work (HS), involves the healing energy of touch. It opens the flow of energy in areas where there's dis-ease or a condition.

When there's a condition within the body, energy, or your body's innate healing light, has a hard time moving/flowing through that area of the body, which contributes to continued decline in health.

Administered through my (the Synergist) hands, on the front and back of the client's body, energy is directed and guided throughout the parts of your body asking for positive attention and release of blockage (the condition).

Sessions are currently provided remotely. You would lie down in a comfortable, quiet, uninterrupted space, and I'll direct this health-transforming light by touching the energy fields on and around your body, and to the area of focus. With the unique body therapy of Holistic Synergy Energy Work, I'll assist your body to use its innate healing capabilities to bring about the fastest, and longest-lasting positive changes in your health.

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