Imagine this…

You’re a new mom in pain from arthritis in your wrists, and is having a hard time picking up, and holding your baby.
- or -
You're a woman suffering with night terror from sexual abuse trauma.
- or -
You're a mama worrying about seeing your son struggle with asthma.

... and all you want is to have a wellness plan in place that addresses the pain, and improve your quality of life.

Well, this was the reality of three of my clients.  They wanted a change, but didn't know how to successfully go about it, and thought they had to figure it out all by themselves.

If you're like my clients, you also want the best wellness plan for you and your family, and you want help in figuring it out.

I'm here to assist you to figure it out, or another way of saying that is - find out what are your unique health needs, and provide you with the solutions, or wellness therapies, you need.  

Now, imagine this...

You're a new mom who comfortably, and joyfully picks up her baby - everyday.

- or -
You're a woman who transformed night terror into peaceful, well-rested sleep.
- or -
You're a mama who's happy to see her son breathing well, and thriving. 


...Well, this is now the reality of my three clients!  They also learned a valuable lesson - they didn't have to figure it out alone.

Over to you: what do you need assistance with to create and build a foundation of health in which emotional pain becomes peace, you're sick less often, recover quicker, get the support you need, and become healthier everyday?  Get to know the Wellness Therapies, and how they can help.

The 6 Therapies Include: 

1.  Alexis loved applying our aromatherapy (essential oil) blend on her daughter. During her nightly massage, she could feel the hemangioma scar tissue healing under her fingers.  

When clients dealing with - ovary pain, eczema, torticollis, asthma, allergies - want something topical (that works!) that goes straight to the issue, and effectively shift the direction of the condition, they choose our aromatherapy service!  


Private Aromatherapy Telephone Session

3-Session Package: $900 (Recommended option: allows me to chart your progress and provide ongoing support) 
Single Session: $300

2.  After years of night terror, our client Nicole committed to taking her flower essence blend, and now she has let go of the fear that showed up during bedtime, sleeps peacefully, and continues to build a well-lived, and loved life.

When my clients are in emotional pain - sadness, anxiety, fear, worry, trauma, anger/rage - and want immediate and ongoing peace, they book a flower essence session right away!

Private Flower Essence Telephone Session
3-Session Package: $900 (Recommended option: allows me to chart your progress and provide ongoing support) 

Single Session: $300

3.  When Karen was in physical distress from a compromised immune system, she booked a herbal therapy phone session to find out what was going on with her health, and how to solve it - and we did!  With one application, her body released the congestion, and her immune system started working properly.

Other clients dealing with high blood pressure, reproductive/hormonal imbalance, liver problems, stomach issues, stressed nerves, and more have also reached out, and gotten the right herbal solution. 

Private Herbal Therapy Telephone Session
3-Session Package: $900 (Recommended option: allows me to chart your progress and provide ongoing support) 

Single Session: $300


4.  Neila had been dealing with circulatory issues for years, and thought exercise alone would rectify it, but it didn't. It wasn't until she booked homeopathy sessions that her circulatory system returned to balanced.  

Other clients dealing with migraines, toxicity overload, viruses, adverse effects from vaccination, neurological conditions, autism, cancer, and more have also benefited from a personalized homeopathy wellness plan. 

Private (Complex) Homeopathy Telephone Session
3-Session Package: $1,050 (Recommended option: allows me to chart your progress and provide ongoing support) 

Single Session: $350


5.  The blockage in Marie's heart had been affecting her energy, strength, breathing, joy, happiness, and she wanted to address it without surgery. With continued Holistic Synergy Energy Work (HS) sessions, she now enjoys long walks, dancing for hours, and laughing with joy everyday.

Stop the progression of conditions such as back pain, breathing problems, diastasis recti, hip dysplasia, flat head syndrome, knee issues, emotional trauma, abnormal growths, and more with HS.

Sessions are available remotely.  Holistic Synergy sessions are also available for babies and children.

Private Holistic Synergy Energy Work (Remote Session) 
3-Session Package: $1,200 (Recommended option: allows me to chart your progress and provide ongoing support) 

Single Session: $400

6.  Ann came in for just a relaxing foot reflexology session, but left with so much more. During her session, her feet revealed details about her health - candida, dehydration, caffeine build-up, breathing issues, and more. Along with ongoing reflexology sessions, I explained how else she could transform her health, and she did. She looked like a brand new person at her next session!

Experience a complete turnaround with conditions such as womb/breast issues, circulatory problems, heightened stress/anxiety, muscle/joint concerns, and more via your feet. 

Sessions are conducted in our New York City office.  Foot Reflexology sessions are also available for babies and children (different price applies).

Have a rash, discoloration, wart, or any other skin breakout on your foot or calf, or perhaps you're feeling pain on a certain area of your foot? Schedule Feet Assessment Telehealth Sessions to learn what inner organ or system of your body the discomfort may be linked to and how to address it.

Private Foot Reflexology Consultation + Foot Work (In-office sessions will resume in the future)

3-Session Feet Assessment Package: $900 (Recommended option: allows me to chart your progress and provide ongoing support) 
Single Feet Assessment Session: $300


Contact our office to inquire about, and pay for the sessions. Payments are processed via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, send an email and request an invoice. 

All sales are final.  Payment financing available.


Working with me: 


To ensure that you receive the greatest results for your health, let’s see if we would be a good fit to work together:

I am deeply committed to providing you with the lifelong solutions you seek for your health, and life. In order for you to become a private client, it is essential that you are committed to:
* receiving new, lasting solutions to address your health 
* welcoming a non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive approach to get well 

* finding out, and addressing the root source of why you're feeling sick
* moving through uncomfortable feelings - scared, nervous, resistant - and staying focused on your healing journey

* financially investing in your health, and the quality of life you create for yourself, and your family
* working in a healthy, honest client-practitioner partnership


Better health leads to a better life.  You never need to struggle with, or settle for poor health.  

You deserve so much more.  I can help

Before you contact me, read what clients are saying about their health transformations!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any information presented is for educational purposes.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.  Read our Disclaimer + Terms Of Use.

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